Saturday, April 23, 2016

A sign of things around here

 Emptying rooms of possessions we won't be moving with us. DS #2's room is pretty spartan as a result: bed, night table, trash can, dresser. It echos.
 Really making an effort to unload the big items, such as my firewood, now sold as of this morning. Unloading the larger items is a real stress reducer, I am finding.
End result: raising some serious cash, and making weekly deposits over at the bank. I even have a "Bank" envelope to corral my money.


Ms. Sandie said...

You are an inspiration!

slugmama said...

Well done!
Though we aren't moving we do need to make some space in our home before August. I've already started selling off some of my toiletries stockpile, as well as continuing to declutter a bit(tho there isn't much left to declutter).
Most days I feel overwhelmed by the bulk of what needs to relocate here. I am loosing most of May so only June and July left to get things done. sigh
Head down and just plowing through.

meme said...

This is so impressive! You really "made a dent" in your son's room and with the firewood! I think I counted 340 dollars for your moving fund (?) -- that is terrific!

Anne in the kitchen said...

Congratulations on ridding the excess and getting excess cash in the process.

Although I need a small amount of clutter to make me feel comfortable, if I were to be totally honest a spartan existence with a robe thrown over a chair and a couple of magazines out would probably satisfy my needs and be a heck of a lot easier to keep. I am continuing culling at least 10 items per week, but still have too much stuff.