Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Facebook tag sale site bargain (I think)*

A local woman posted this opened, 2 used, tub of dishwasher tabs on our town Facebook tagsale site. I tried on line, but Costco doesn't list the price of their private label brands. Does anyone know how much these retail for?

I buy either Aldi dishwasher tabs @ $2.49/20 pack, using 1 1/5 pouches/month which equals 12 1/2 cents or small boxes of Sun dishwasher powder at Dollar Tree $1, using 1-2 boxes/month depending on need. Assume 1 1/2 boxes of $1.50/month=5 cents

I paid $7/113 tabs or 6 cent each. I find this to be reasonable.


Courtney said...

They sell for $10 at Costco

Kathy said...

Great deal! I need to find a better deal than what I am paying.

ed20eb1c-ff4f-11e4-8e2a-17c04d47f900 said...

Tried theses wasn't impressed. hope you have better luck. Regards, liz

CTMOM said...

Liz-thanks for your review. Person I bought them from didn't like the scent. I tried one load, cleaned well, what little scent there was didn't bother us.