Thursday, April 14, 2016

A beautiful, Spring day, and more taking care of business

 Up and out early today for another PT session, but not before getting 2 loads of laundry out on the line, including 1 batch of towels that were machine dried for only 25 minutes, then finished outside. End results: soft, fluffy towels.

Sold more things through Facebook tag sale sites, and listed even more on line to sell. Decluttering, raising cash in the process.
What I'm calling "phase one" of reimbursements arrived today: $582.65 back on my coffers. Nice. Phase 2 will now have to be submitted for reimbursement, and it's even MORE sizeable. Getting more diligent on these matters is paying off for me, handsomely.

I continue to pay off medical debt, and have met my first goal in raising funds for the upcoming move. I have made several calls, and am getting estimates for related services and purchases related to the move. I am now doubling my efforts in raising cash (so as not to touch my savings) and meet my original goal, twice over.

An easy supper: ground beef sloppy joes, fzn sugar snap peas, salad.


thyme2save said...

Satisfying because "twice over" may be needed when moving.

Kathy said...

Great savings!
I haven't had much luck selling things on seems like people just want you to give it to them. Will check out the fb yard sales.
Hope your therapy is going well.

Busy Bee said...

I'm doing the same thing as far as making sure I follow through with things. It is so easy to get behind in paperwork.

Do you make your own sloppy joe seasoning?