Sunday, March 13, 2016

Wardrobe additions

 A black & white, sleeveless, cowl neck blouse
 A royal blue/blacl & white, sleeveless, cowl neck blouse
A brighter blue with black & white spots (not polka dots), colw neck, short sleeved, rusched sides top

 A scoop necked, black T in a dressy fabric (to pair in particular with a pair of black with white mini leaves print cropped pants)
A black and white, rusched sides, cowl neck blouse

My 3 pairs of dress gabardine pants plus another pair of black pants are my wardrobe staples along with several pairs of flats, assorted cardigans, scarves


Lee Ann said...

Where did you get those?

CTMOM said...

Lee Anne-I got these (plus one I'm returning as I didn't like the scratchy fabric not the sleeves)from JC Penney. I paid $28.80 each for the rusched, cowl drape front blouses, $10.39 for the black/white sleeveless cowl, $7.91 for the blue print sleeveless, Black T was $10.39. Coupled with a few trhift shop finds, I was able to refurbish my work wardrobe on a budget.

Anne in the kitchen said...