Saturday, March 12, 2016

Today's surprise, aka unexpected freebies

After depositing a month's worth of  recycling (12 tall kitchen garbage bags full) and actual trash (3 bags of same size full), I checked out the freebie shed, grabbing this box to tote my finds home, after paying $4.20 in trash fees.

A slightly used, Yankee candle in a cucumber-cantaloupe ( a $25 jar candle, a what looks like it was lit once, small Balsam Fir one $11 value, what I suspect is also Yankee candle: a fruity scented votive $2 value. Jackpot: a 2.5 oz, partially used bottle of Shalimar eau de cologne by Gerlain of Paris, France (the same company that makes the scent I usually wear)-that looks like a $50 value (
Just in the right place at the right time. : )


Anne in the kitchen said...

Nice that you have a freebie shed where items can change owners without ending up in a landfill

Timberius said...

Great find on the Yankee Candles. I love them. When they burn down, I melt the was. Pour it in a smaller container with a new wick. Gets more use from them. Barbara

Nutbird said...

You should really sell on eBay. That Shalimar is worth about $20. Opened bottles of perfume, or toilet water are being listed and sold every day. Amazing. Also, Yankee Candles are Very Collectible. A Wilson in NC.