Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday supper: spaghetti and meatballs

 Here are the ingredients, gathered this morning, for tonight's Sunday supper: a tub of l/o bolognese sauce, a large can of tomato puree, 1 onion (only used 1/2), a pint of home canned organic tomatoes, a can of mushrooms, 2 stalks celery, spaghetti,  black pepper, Bayleaf, Italian spices, a fzn green pepper cup (the frosty thing next to the package of spaghetti)
 The inspiration when I  planned this menu months ago, was this baggie with only 8 frozen homemade Italian meatballs remaining. *I do have more baggies of meatballs in the other freezer.
So here's today's meatballs in a chunky sauce, ready to cook away as I take it easy today,and enjoy the calm while home alone this afternoon (DD is working), with the sleeping cats to keep me company. I overdid it while shopping this weekend, so I am resting in a recliner.

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