Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday supper: Corned beef and cabbage

 Sunday breakfast was boring: coffee, organic granola in milk, clementines so no photos. But, here's Sunday supper: corned beef (FINALLY found one on sale @ Stop & Shop @ $1.97/lb, limit 1 with coupon). Planned overs will be set aside for Thursday, St Pat's.
Extra red bliss potatoes for Thurs as well; additional vegetables tonight: carrots, cabbage. Great time of year to score some super cheap cabbage! we currently have 3 large heads on hand. I paid 19/lb yesterday.

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

Someone else noted 29 cent a lb cabbage--it was 39 a lb at my store but I decided the 1 1/4 I already had was enough for two people for the moment.

I paid $2.69 for corned beef points--up to 5.99 for rounds. One meal is enough for us--husband not too fond of it and I'm supposed to be low salt. Just got a small one but will probably have some left for sandwiches or a second meal anyhow.