Sunday, March 6, 2016

Something more lighthearted . .

Here's something different, started by Sluggy over at Don't read this, it's boring

Four names I go by: Carol, Mom, Momma, Madame

Four tunes I adore:
How to save a life by the Fray;
Stitch by Stitch by Javier Colon;
It's time by Imagine Dragons,
With or without you by U2


4 things I hate: elitism, rudeness, liars, politics


4 places I have worked: college library in NY, an old inn in MA, GFox in CT, Stop & Shop in MA


4 things I love to watch: Downton Abbey, Who do you think you are?, HGTV, almost anything on BBC America


4 places I have visited: Cape Ann,MA; Charleston, SC; Orlando, FL; Montreal, Quebec, Canada


4 things I love to eat: European chocolate, roast turkey, tuna salad on toasted Jewish rye with seeds, warm homemade apple pie


4 favorite drinks: Hazelnut coffee, real lemonade (no powder stuff), fresh brewed iced tea with lemon, homemade cocoa


4 shows/plays: Oklahoma, A Christmas Carol, Fiddler on a roof, 42nd street


4 things I am happily anticipating: Summer break, upcoming celebration of DS # 1's birthday, leaving/retiring from my profession (too stressful), figuring out where our next abode will be


4 things I am dreding: all of the end of the year reports and last minute added on responsibilities at work, moving preparations, the soon to arrive college acceptance/rejection letters for DS # 3, the strong possibility that I will have to relocate eventually, away from my kids


4 items on my bucket list: don't have a bucket list. If I decide to do something, I work towards accomplishing it


4 people who I think will respond: Sluggy, Sandie, Connie, Nancy



Anne in the kitchen said...

Thanks for sharing! Makes me want to start singing "getting to know you. . . "

thyme2save said...

Four names I go by: Sweetheart, Mama, Victoria, Annie.

Four tunes I adore: (This changes) Walking in Memphis; Mary, Did You Know; Yellow Rose of Texas; Edelweiss.

Four things I hate: War, unconcern for the needy, selfishness, and spiders and insects/rodents in my home.

Four places I have worked: As a teacher in Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, and Tennessee.

Four things I love to watch: Finding Our Roots, Smithsonian Channel, The Discovery Channels, and stage theater.

Four places I have visited: Athens, Greece; Rome, Italy; London, England; Jerusalem, Israel.

Four things I love to eat: All kinds of veggies and fruits, roasted beef; roasted chicken; fresh lake fish.

Four favorite drink: Water.

Four shows/plays: Les Miserables, Shakespeare (any play), Smokey Joe's cafe, and The Glass Menagerie.

Four things I am happily anticipating: Spring's opening of Memphis Zoo's latest area, Zambezi River; times spent in National Civil Rights Museum; 2016 cotton fields ripe for the picking; and spending time in local art museums and gardens.

Four things I am dreading: Terrorism and more of the same.

Four items on my bucket list: I do not have a bucket list.

CT Bargain Mom said...

Neat idea! Borrowing parts

Ms. Sandie said...

Wow. We have even more in common than I thought!