Saturday, March 5, 2016

Refreshing a Spring wardrobe on a budget

 DD and I were out last night, and again today, scoping out the second hand market for a Full sized bed, bedding for her. While out last night, I bought some awesome bath towels (previously postedabout)as well as a blouse, which I ended up having to return. Savers's policy is to give an even merchant value exchange. So, I purple print blouse went back and I got this red/black Worthington blouse for $5.99.
 I also bought this Essentials  purple, heavy cotton knit tank top for $3.99
 As well as this George hounds tooth checkered, sleeveless bouse with bow/tie top sash for $5.99
 DD asked me to take this "cats" thened dish towel @ $1.49
 and I took this second cat towel that I actually eyeballed last night.
 It's a St Mary's 100% cotton terry that I suspect sat in someone's drawer for years-the Zayre's tag was still on! $1.99
Biggest bargain? This Worthington, sleeveless, front draping blouse in black with teal and creamy white flowers. Was $4.99, which I willingly would have paid. Today was 75% off white price tags, so, with tax, this cost me $1.33.

3 work tops, a top for home. Perfect.


Kathy said...

Pretty tops...great deals! Love the cat towels too.

meme said...

Zayres Department Store -- that brings back memories !! that was probably someone's "good dish towel" that never got used...

CTMOM said...

Meme-Zayre's was our go to store for home goods, like Caldor, Bradlees, even JCP (still exists but housewares is so very different, as is the quality sold).