Monday, March 14, 2016

Product review: Cape May canned clams

For some time now, I have been buying Cape May canned clams @ Dollar Tree
 They are a product of USA-one of my requirements
Tonight, I am using my remaining 4 cans to make a batch of clam chowder: over 2 1/2 cups clam nectar and lots of clams.

Does anyone else use canned clams? if so, how much are you paying?


Laura said...

I have never made clam chowder before, although I do love it. Do you feel satisfied with the Cape May clams? I don't think I've seen them at my Dollar Tree, although I confess that I haven't been looking too closely at the canned seafood. I will have to check for them the next time I'm in one of those stores.

CTMOM said...

Laura, yes, they are very much comparable to other brands I have bought in the past.

mikemax said...

I don't think Cape May clams are as good as Snow's--Snow's puts more clams in the same-size can. I wasn't very satisfied with Cape May and won't be buying them again. Snow's are more expensive than $1 can, but I've gotten them on sale a couple of times in the last year for .88 can. So Snow's CAN be cheaper, if you stock up when on sale.