Sunday, March 13, 2016

Planning ahead for the work week, and beyond

 Sundays is typically an at home day for me; today is no exception. Laundry is almost done, supper is started, I will soon get a start on my lesson plans and grading/planning for the upcoming work week. Food preparation to ensure a smooth start is essential. I have taken 2 boxed mixes out, to do some dessert cooking.

Meanwhile, I have a large pot of lemon ginsing green tea steeping for this upcoming week.
 I also defrosted 2 baggies of organic pumpkin puree that I made last Fall. A freezer stock take showed me what I need to use up soon. Something pumpkin it will be. Orignally, the plan was for me to make some pumpkin waffles this morning. DD and I stayed up late watching Netflix, and combined with daylight savings, there is no sign of her as of yet this morning. I ate a simple breakfast, not sure if I'll bake something or still make waffles for the upcoming week. I have school work to do.
One of the items I picked up yesterday was this bag of $1.99 crash n burn ciabatta rolls. I use these to make individual garlic toasts, and freeze them pre-buttered/seasoned, wrapped in plastic for an easy "grab how many you need"supper prep. They toast up nicely in the mini convection oven and usually accompany a pasta dish meal.

On the homefront, I've checked supplies in the bathrooms, restocked as necessary. Bed sheets were switched over to cotton from the flannel we've used for months. Swiffering/vacuuming need to be done, bathrooms were washed down yesterday. The cleaning service comes on Wed.: )

Pantry ingredients were culled for tomorrow night: clam chowder, using up the canned clams, 2 of the 3 cans of evaporated milk. I have a medicical test tomorrow afternoon, immediately followed by a return visit to my orthopedic surgeon to review Friday's medical test (the repeat EMG) and come up with a definitive, surgical plan for the 30th. I will appreciate a quick prep meal to assemble afterwards.


Florence said...

Nice to get a running start on the week!

Anne in the kitchen said...

I need to do what you are doing so badly, but instead I am on the internet or reading. No one to blame but myself!

mikemax said...

Taking off the flannels ALREADY? I am having surgery next week and on bed rest for awhile, so I washed my flannels and put them right back on. If I am going to feel rotten, I might as well be warm and cozy.