Sunday, March 20, 2016

Planning ahead: cooking for the workweek

I have planned ahead and made a tuna-shell pasta casserole, ready to pop into the toaster oven tomorrow. Weather forecast is a surprise: first day of Spring, cold temps and the sun is shinning, but SNOW is expected overnight. Amounts have flip/flopped all week, the latest having it start @ 3 a.m., end @ 9 a.m. and leaving 2 inches. We are under a "hazardous warning."

So, it's up in the air as to whether or not work/school will be impacted. Supper is set, we have dental appointments tomorrow afternoon. 10 calander days (7 work days) and counting to my surgery, I am trying to address as much as I can, both at home as well as at work.


Busy Bee said...

We've been having odd weather for this time of year. Near 80 some days and then down to all but freezing some nights. Like you I just keep planning for the week and go on. :-)

Anonymous said...

.i have to tell you I enjoy your blog so much, even though I mostly lurk. It's fun to see someone else as frugal as I like to be, but you have me beat! And props to you for being so organized! That's one area I need help with, and I am truly inspired! Regards, liz

young77 said...

Carol, I just have to tell you. Once in a while I get hungry for pancakes. This morning was one of those times. I usually use a mix but I was out so I thought CT's recipe!! I found it, made it. I did add one egg (and a few drops of vanilla) too but I do that anyway for a little more nutrition. THEY WERE YUMMY! Since I live alone I just made 1/2 recipe and still had some to freeze. I'll never buy a mix again.

Sorry, I couldn't wait for you to post new breakfast menu! Shirley