Sunday, March 13, 2016

Planninag ahead and taking stock

 I recently did another pantry stock take, and shifted some items around.
 While there remains a generous pantry, the 12,  13 gallon size tall kitchen trash bags filled with recycling attest to our efforts to reduce it, the past 4 weeks (since the previous transfer station trip)
 I shifted a LOT in the garage freezer; one shelf was empty before I returned from Stop & Shop yesterday. That shelf is the 3rd one down, now holding assorted breads, rolls, as well as some tubs of homemade chicken stock. I stockplied these breads/rolls due to my impending medical leave/recovery. The top holds red meat, fish, 2 bags fzn tater tots, the second holds poultry, homemade baked beans; the basket now corrals mostly CSA/farm surplus: cranberries, pumpkin puree, shredded zuke, cubed hubbard squash, assorted greens, 2 random bags of corn that were unearthed.

Freezer door: fruit, commercially fzn vegetables, apple sauce, cheese.

There remains quite a bit in the kitchen freezer as well-again an area flagged for reduction as I hope* to move whatever remains in the garage freezer, into the kitchen one by the end of April, in roughly 6 weeks.

We are also using up, eliminating some food items, seeking alternatives for others. Canned salmon, for instance has 270 mg of sodium per serving. Frozen fillets, about 40 if I am recalling correctly. That's a no-brainer for me. I can still make salmon burgers/patties or creamed salmon, but will poach some fzn fillets ahead of time. Aldi's sells pink, wild caught AK salmon @ $2.29/14 oz can or $2.62/lb. Their fzn fillets cost about $3/lb.

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

Now you're on my wavelength! I have been low sodium since I was 27--now 73. It's easier these days than it used to be with more low sodium products available. Essentially, I never add salt to anything except bread/pizza dough and that's only because I haven't found a good recipe for salt free bread for the ABM. Everyone knows to add their own salt at the table.

Best choice is usually fresh produce, fresh fruit, the fewer canned goods the better. When I have a good garden, I make tomato puree and freeze it. I did not have many more tomatoes than we could eat last summer but I got some 50 cent cans (15 oz) of no salt diced tomatoes and stocked up on them. Sometimes I make my own sauce but mostly use Prego with unsalted tomatoes added--spread the salt out over more servings, but definitely not too scientific! I am not super-sensitive to salt, although I do taste the difference when I eat it somewhere other than home, and drink a lot of extra water to compensate and get rid of it as quickly as possible. I also try to bake most of our desserts and breads from scratch, but again--I'm not a fanatic about it, enjoying the occasional doughnut like most people!
After a surprisingly short time, salty things won't taste as good to you and it will become easier to live without as much salt. (Gravy still needs it in my opinion, but that's about all that still bothers me. I don't salt the meat before or after cooking, for that matter.)