Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

 Easter bags on a budget: I chose 2, 2 count "Easter color" paper bags from Dollar Tree over the single, "Easter decorated" bags, netting me 4 plain bags that can more easily be reused for other occassions.
All candy also hails from DT this year, I make sure that it is made in USA both for food safety as well as economic reasons-gotta support American workers!  This is all folks, divided into 4 bags for my 4 kids. $5/kid plus tax. A little treat, but nothing over the top, compared to some of the images I've seen on the Internet where, IMO, the Easter haul looks like Christmas! While yes, when the kids were little, a bunny themed, hardcover child's book or a small stuffed plush animal may have also filled their bags, I have never gone overboard with Easter gifts.


Kathy said...

Looks like a lot of fun treats!
I bought my 2 kids candy from CVs this year, using $5/15 plus several coupons, and I think that I paid $10 for all of it. (I ate all the reeses so those didn't make it into their baskets) but they don't need to know that.:D
Hope you had a blessed Easter

meme said...

It looks like your children had a nice Easter bag treat!

My daughter did our grandchildren's baskets and we purchased our grandchildren each a toy and some clothes. Of course bought on deep clearance after Christmas! Had a nice dinner and looking forward to a nice homemade cake and some ice cream for dessert tonight.