Sunday, March 27, 2016

Facebook ISO posts


When I divorced almost 4 years ago, I took 1/2 of the household possessions with me, later filling in any gaps through the second hand market. As I gathered possessions, I amassed a donation pile. Decluttering in the process was quite liberating.

Fast forward and I relocated from rental home number 1 to this one, I did the same: amassing a pile (although much smaller) of items that I would not take along with me to our new rental home. Once settled in here, a list was generated of gaps for household goods, once again, I turned to the second hand market to fill these needs, local Facebook tag sale sites being one venue.

In anticipation of this Summer's upcoming move, I again have been eyeballing our household goods, and getting rid of (mostly selling) what we no longer want/need. The brown curtains that I fashioned out of the thermal drapes that a former tenant left at the first home rental, for DS #1 and the GF were donated/gifted to a gentleman who is starting over as well. He posted on a local blog site for "in search of, freebie" items. He was thrilled to get something better to cover his windows, I am glad that someone can use the item, from my donation pile (really needs to be brought over to Goodwill or Salvation Army). He may not realize this, but this same gentleman gifted me a vintage Singer zigzag sewing machine years back. He was paying it forward. What comes around, goes around.

Currently, I am selling quite a bit, and have almost fully funded the amount I anticipated I'd need for moving, based on my last move. I post "for sale" items on Facebook and wait for someone to reach out.

Another tip is to write "in search of" in the search bars of local FB tagsale sites, even those to which I am not allowed to post "for sale" items, as it is restricted. Case in point: someone recently posted that they are looking for and not finding graduation themed gift wrap. I had some remaining on a roll that was gifted to me. We're making arrangements to complete the exchange in the next few days. $1 is all I am asking (she insists on paying).   This makes me think to go through my bins of wrap and post them for sale. (I hope to move to just solid wrap/bags in the future) Another is looking for old bath towels for dog washing. I had some ready to donate. 7 towels for $7. Another is looking for a metal, rolling clothes rack: $10. I hope to close on these last 2 "sales" within the next 2 days as well.

 My point: $18 will be (hopefully) in my coffers, for stuff just hanging around. I am not on FB 24/7 so this trick keeps me up to date as to what people are looking for, and moves me to easily unload stuff.


Meg B. said...

Great idea. That's $18, which is....well, $18!
You have inspired me to eat through our pantry stores. I want all our canned a.d frozen produce used before the new canning season commences.

young77 said...

You've really been building your moving fund - congratulations! How do you find the FB tag sale sites? Shirley

CTMOM said...

Shirley, since I am a member of FB, I can easily join other FB sites. BY entering "tag sale" and the town/city name, groups will pop up. I can then join, as I choose to.

CTMOM said...

Meg-the supplies are dwindling here. It's saving me cash, and it's less that I will have to move. A win-win.