Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter prep

 Keeping it simple and using pantry goods up at the same time.
My last ham from the freezer, a bought carrot cake

Our Easter menu:

Baked ham studded wwith whole cloves, topped with pineapple rings, coated in a spicy mustard-brown sugar-pineapple juice glaze

Easter Kielbasa (from the butcher's), assorted mustard

Au gratin potatoes

Honey carrots

Corn seasoned with butter, black pepper
Carrot cake

Easter candy for the 4 kids was purchased months ago, along with solid colored, 2 count bags from Dollar Tree, which conceivably, can be repurposed/reused again.

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Joyful said...

Love your Easter dinner. I am always curious what others pay for foods in comparison to what I pay in my city. I see you paid $11.00 (US) for a ham which is roughly the same size as the one I purchased on sale for slightly under $18.00 (Canadian). It seems that we tend to pay much more where I live than many people around the globe.

I see your are moving. It sounds like you've gone about it in a very organized manner in terms of cost analysis. It sounds like you've found a wonderfully large place at a truly budget cost compared to where you are currently living. Well done and best of luck with your move.