Saturday, March 5, 2016

Any British readers out there?

 Scored 4 new to me, like new condition, bath
 towels last night @ Savers. Nice off white, cream-my go to color for years (especially as I move frequently at this stage of life)

 Egyptian cotton-very nice! @ $4.99/each.

I was stunned to read the label, discovering that these are Made in England. Any British readers out there that recognize this brand? They do seem like very nice, plush towels.

I found a source on line: click the link above: these retail for $30 EACH. I got a deal. : )


Frugal in Bucks said...

Hi,found this:
Chortex Limited is one of the oldest and well-known towel suppliers in England. Established in 1904 by W.T. Taylor at its original site of Victoria Mill, Horwich.
Building on a foundation of over a century of textile expertise, Chortex has a forward-thinking approach; our aim is to provide first-class products embracing the very best in design, quality and innovation with a service to match!
Our global sourcing strategy is to develop excellent products at a competitive price, supplying the High Street with many well-established brands namely : Irvington, Osman and Honeycomb, Chortex can offer bespoke items made to customers’ own designs, subject to minimum quantities. Just contact our friendly sales department to discuss.

Belinda said...

Great find...they look plush.

meme said...

Those are very nice !! I love a nice plush towel...

carol pavlik said...

What a nice find. I buy my sheets at thrift stores by feeling them as I go. One set fely really nice and it was Egyptian cotton. Complete queen size set for three dollars. I did not visit our only regional savers before it closed.