Friday, February 19, 2016

Toured 2 more appartment complexes


I was able to tour 2 more, larger appartment complexes in the city North of here today.

Complex # 2 was built in 2005 and their 3 bed/2 bath unit is 1469 sq feet, including a loft. It's a 2nd floor walk up, in a secured building with fob/key pad. I did like the second story loft area as it alllowed for a tall ceiling over the living room below, making for a less cramped feeling. Some of these units have a gas fireplace. The galley kitchen seems a bit cut off from the appartment, but is servicable; bifold doors on one end enclose a washer & dryer just in the hallway that leads to the Maser. No microwave, but I can live w/o one OR buy another. Plenty of storage in kitchen, double closets in all bedrooms and huge walk in closet in loft for storage-awesome! I do NOT like that all of the walls are stuccoed-weird for around here. I do NOT like that all of the 3 bed units are in the same building together, near the small playscape outside. 3 bed units draw families; noise would be a concern. The vaulted ceilings and loft units are only on the 2nd floor, naturally. Garage pkg available for additional fee, plus monthly fees for pets, water/sewer, trash/common fees.

Complex # 3 was built in 1998, and actually was owned by complex # 2 who sold it off a few years back. Many areas look tired. This 3 bed/2 bath is 1313 sq feet, a 3 floor walk up. Appliance are new, again no microwave. As you enter, there is a full to ceiling, long wall to the right (behind which is the kitchen), and to the left right by the door, is the entryway to the master. Not crazy about that, it feels so closed in, tight. There is a very servicable kitchen with the washer/dryer located in a bifold door enclosed closet at one end. The Lr has a sloped ceiling as it's on the top floor, and there is a ceiling fan. Pergula (sp?) flooring in kitchen, entry, dining area-great. Gas fireplace, sliders to a small balcony. All 3 bedrooms felt small. I have a queen bed, twins are in 2 single beds and would room together again, DD has a twin, wants to get herself a full sized bed. Not much wiggle room. Understanding that the complex was taken over, I noted a lot of neglected maintence/repairs.

I compared the rents for all 3 complexes, noted a real range in drop compared to what I am currently paying. Then, factor in their fees (utilities were guestimated to me, time will tell issue) to get more of a true figure.
complex # 1 with rent & fees saves $450
complex # 2 with rent & fees saves $445
complex # 3 with rent & fees saves $185 (and that's assuming that there is a car port @ $40 vs garage @ 90-otherwise the savings drops to $135.

All three are in good locations for me, commuting shopping etc. Also need to factor in additional monthly savings by not employing lawn care, snow removal services, an anticipated reduction in cleaning service costs (my current business charges based on square footage).

I've pretty much eliminated #3-they charge too much for what they are offering.
A 4th complex was previously eliminated as it's from the 70's. has electric heat, wall sleeved A/C units-clearly not energy efficient. Feedback  reports bug, mouse problems, mold, flooding in appartments on lower levels w/ rain or snow melt. Yes a lot cheaper, but with $800/mo electric bills-no thanks.

A 5th contender awaits, I'll have to make arrangements for a tour. Then, I will move on to touring condos/townhouses for rent and glean an understanding of what costs are associated with that type housing.



meme said...

Wow - I would eliminate any place with bugs and mice problems too! The complex with the loft sounds nice - but I understand about the building being close to the playscape and all the noise.

I would definitely pick a place with the washer and dryer in the unit -- the days of lugging laundry down to the basement area in buildings to leave your wash/dry are over ! My daughter had to bring her laundry to a different building to do wash!

Good luck as you continue to search...

NAN said...

How much less is a 2 bedroom? Your daughter could find a place of her own or with a roommate. I have been saying for awhile I'd like to sell my house and get an apartment but now I'm rethinking it LOL. I want a 2 BR/2 bath 1st floor. Have you thought about your car being out when it snows? I believe you said you could not stay where you are so that's totally out right? Have you contacted a realtor? Good thing is one can always move again if it doesn't work out. You pare down what you need (I'm doing that now) and don't get locked into any lease over a year.

CTMOM said...

Meme, one of my requirements is in unit laundry, with my OT and arthritis issues, I am NOT carrying laundry around, never mind the high cost that are associated with communial machines. No thanks.

CTMOM said...

Nan, DD is not yet at a postition to move out. 1/3 of her low income goes to school loans, she pays "rent" of $100 to me and $200 repayment to me for her car aka "the bank of Mom." Frankly, she needs either a second or another job, but that's on her. I anticipate renting a 3 bed for 2 years while special needs kidlet attends a special needs collegiate program at the local university then moving to a 2 bed. Don't think it'll necessarily be in CT either, the cost of living is high. Lots of factors will weigh in as well. I take it one step at a time. For now, I am seeking transitional, downsizing housing BUT need to fullfill certain requirements that I have: fully applianced including laundry in unit, bright, energy efficient, spacious feel, convenient, good storage, covered parking, etc.

meme said...

My husband and I have a larger house - (we needed to buy to provide a home for our daughter and our two special needs grandchildren - my daughter cant work because of their needs) - actually my daughter was married to her husband when we bought it - he was, simply put, a loser who would not pay the rent, utilities in their apartment, choosing to spend his money on video games, out to eat, etc. She is thankfully divorced from him now - but we will need to provide a home for them for years to come. My daughter is also simply not in a place in her life where she can have her own apartment. My husband and I plan on always having a bedroom available for our granddaughter and grandson - they will both need some extra time in life to be self sufficient. Unless my daughter one day remarries someone....she is not interested in that at all during this time.