Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday breakfast treat

 Over $17 worth of donuts, yet I didn't spent a penny as I used part of a gift card to cover this treat. I can't afford the local donut shop (quality is far superior) while on such a restricted food budget, so having squirrled away some gift cards and intentionally splurging with them (this is my weekend of the month with the boys) helps to reduce if not eliminate any feelings of deprivation. With $50 in DD cards, I can get 2 months treats (once a month when boys are home for feb and March)for free and most of a third month (April). Add in that I have something like $70 worth of Starbucks gift cards as well, I can splurge on some treats from Starbucks for May and June before our move in July.
Rounding out today's Sunday breakfast: hazelnut coffee (decaf for one DS), OJ, hard boiled eggs, one DS had the rest of my homemade applesauce, I had a red grapefruit.


meme said...

I an remember - as a kid - when Dunkin Donuts were 99 cents a dozen!

Hope you had a lovely weekend with your sons.

I have posted before that my daughter is divorced -- ex was/is a horrible father - neglectful and never did a thing for the children - but was awarded overnight visitation every other weekend with my grandchildren and all day long on alternating Saturdays - so we do not have any full weekends. BUT - ex son in law assaulted granddaughter on a visit when she was 8 - family court still did NOT take away his visits, criminal court continued the case without a finding - basically he got away with it. Daughter has been in "contempt" since then - refuses to send granddaughter who is fearful of her father. We dont want to send grandson- family court judge has threatened my daughter with jail if she does not send him - he is three. Ex son in law lives with his brother and sister in law and their two children -- who all blow cigarette smoke in my grandsons face on visits, the two siblings fight with our grandson and have hit him, my grandson comes home all congested, coughing and sick - each and every week. Family court judge says she will not order anyone not to smoke - so they can do that to grandson. Department of Children and Families says we have to wait till grandson is injured for them to do anything, but then again - DCF decided to take no action when ex son in law assaulted granddaughter.

I began to follow your blog when my daughter got separated -- following your blog as a way of personal support in frugal ways so we could pay for the divorce.

I know I went off the track there...just that I understand in missing children when they are gone on visitation....and want to give them a treat when they are home.

Thanks for keeping up your blog....

CTMOM said...

Meme, yes it has been a good weekend so far. DD's BF was here for a few days, now he's on his way home, DD is heading to work. One ds was going thru a particularly bad spell, based on some misperceptions. We had a talk, DD also spoke with him, he's back to center, finally!

Sorry for your troubles re the grandkids. Divorce and it's aftermath can be ugly. : ( Not to mention expensive. When I was first looking for rentals as divorce proceedings were wrapping up, the realtor (also divorced) inquired about my credit, stating that most divorced adults are either bankrupt or have ruined credit and since she understood, she could work with me on that. She was stunned that my credit was and remains stellar-something I worked hard on and continue to do so. Yes, sacrifices are made, some tough decisions, too but somehow we get through.

I always try to have an extra nice Sunday bfst and dinner. If I didn't have the GCs, I would have made pancakes/waffles/Fr toast or eggs with ham/sausage/bacon or even quiche. Knowing that I made a conscious decision to eat down our stores (both for practical and economic reasons), I have planned for these little treats so that the kis don't feel deprived. My X typically buys a lot of treats, takes them out to restaurants or gets take out-that's his choice. I can't replicate that on any regular basis for health and economy.

My kids are older than yor grands, even at a young age, they are taking everything in, and as they age, they will gain perspective on the situation. Good luck!

Lee Ann said...

do you have Krispy Kreme up there? Those donuts are so good. Hmmm

thyme2save said...

Carol, I have been unable to post to your blog. Changed to Windows 10 today, which allowed me to post to Belinda's blog. Enjoying your posts. Frugal Queen changed to another blog group because posters were unable to post, and I believe the one she used is the same you are using.

CTMOM said...

Thyme-this post came thru just fine.

thyme2save said...

Windows 10 must allow me to post to your blog. Thanks for answering.