Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday supper: ham

Pulled the smaller of my 2 hams out of the garage freezer. I was supposed to do a New England boiled dinner with boiled potatoes/carrots/cabbage but have spent the weekend nursing a bad cold. : (
Not up to much and I normally would use a shank ham to do a boiled dinner.

 I went with plan B: baked ham, with just a Dijon brushed coating towards the end. Baked a box of au gratin potatoes alongside. I used 1/2 bag each of Prince Edward's veggie blend and Brussels sprouts.

 My dinner plate.
Pan drippings naturally saved for a future soup.


Florence said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! I'm ready for sunshine and Spring!

Kathy said...

Hope you feel better!
I think either ham meal would be delicious, but I think I would bake it so I could make sandwiches to eat on this week.

Meg B. said...

Feel better soon. Lucky kids...when I am not feeling well, my family fends for themselves. It's not so much the cooking, but the rallying around the table I can't face when I am "off my feed." Like you, I am trying to eat down our stores. Today, we are having grilled steaks, potatoes, salad and chocolate cake. I found the steaks hiding in my garage freezer, potatoes are a staple here. We grew several wheel barrow's full which lasted until October. We now buy them in bulk when they are offered at less than 1.50/5lb bag. The cake was whipped up with bulk cake flour I discovered, along with some buttermilk we bough on quik sale. (.89/ pint.) I always have cocoa on hand, as I buy it bulk from a co-op.
I love your food posts! I don't really do long term meal plans. One of our kids is on a modified school schedule which requires us driving 12 miles, right past a grocery store to get her. DH goes in to the store regularly, and snags up any quick sale items that catch his fancy, ie: ricotta, chicken thighs. Once he came home with marscopne (sp?) . Long term plans don't allow me to use these. Sometimes, I am left scrambling to find recipes, (I made tres leche cake from the mascarpone.) My fall back plan is always chowder (tuna, chicken or potato) and homemade rolls. In any event, I love seeing what's for dinner at your place, and shamelessly copying some menus. Thank you.

stephen greer said...

save a bıt for pea and ham soup!

Kathy said...

Looks delicious! Hope you feel better soon!