Sunday, February 28, 2016

So what will be left?


I have hopes of unplugging and selling off my freezer come the end of April. Having just taken inventory and having just planned out the April dinner plans, this is what I think will remain:

1lb bacon
1 lb roll pork bfst sausage
1 pkg grnd ham
3 lbs grnd pork
2 meals Italian meatballs
1 pkg pot stickers
2 meals pork chops
1 meaty ham bone
3 pkgs BSCB
1 lb grnd beef
1 lb grnd chicken
1 beef roast
several containers poultry stock
1 pkg peas
1 pkg Brussels Sprouts
several pkgs mozzarella and other cheeses
several baggies pumpkin puree
several bags cranberries, blueberries, mixed berries
several baggies shredded zucchini

The side by side, kitchen refrigerator freezer is small, room taken up by the icemaker. That said, most of the items currently in there are also targeted to be consumed within the next few months, so there should* be room for the garage freezer contents. Some of the contents will carry over, such as Italian sausage, a fzn lasagna. The aforementioned will be in the spotlight for May and June menus, along with pantry ingredients.

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janie said...

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