Wednesday, February 17, 2016

So far, so good

Yeast was proofed; no worries there.

I used the last of my bread flour plus 1 cup whole wheat to mix up this latest batch. ABM seems to be operating OK, issue is whether/not the temp is hot enough once it gets to the proofing/rising stage.

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Meg B. said...

I think it may bw a problem with the temp of yeast....too hot you kill it, too cold it won't activate. Is this a cycle in your ABM? I don't use KitchenAid k eads fine with the dough hook, and I cover my doigh with a cloth, and set it on the stove to rise, with the microwave ligh ahining down on it. (Or on a sunny windowsill, with window closed...nut this is winter in the PNW.)
I am fascinated by bread machines, but am not sure I want to buy one...big kitchen, great oven but with very litttle counter space. I splurged on an extra bowl and paddle attachment for my KitchenAid, as Ido use it so much. I think my bread and roll making is easy enough with it,but maybe I just don't know any better!