Monday, February 8, 2016

Product review: Persil laundry detergent

This is one of 2 jugs (bought 2 differnet scents with large coupons on each)of new Persil detergent.

Cleaning capacity is fine, what I do not like, however, is how strongly as in UBBER strongly this is scented. I don't mind scented detergent,actually preferring Gain-just not the price,  but this is simply overload.

I used this first bottle up, it has been recycled. I will use the second jug up at some future time (grabbed a bottle of Tide off of the shelf as my next one), but have no plans on buying this product again. There are plenty of alternatives and if memory serves me well, this is normally very expensive (I combined a sale plus big coupons). Just my 2 cents.


Carol Farley said...

I just recently purchased a large jug of Persil but have not used it, yet. Consumer Reports rates this as the best even over Tide which usually gets their highest rating. We shall see when I do get to it which should be soon. The only store in our area that sells this German product is Walmart and the price is the same as Tide for the same size.

CT Bargain Mom said...

I agree. It is heavily scented but I have found that it works better (with our well water) than Fab/Dynamo or Purex
I don't care for the scent of Tide (gives me a scratchy throat) and I only see the unscented version in little jugs. I did just try the Tide a Simple Clean in the yellow jug. It's not bad. So far Method seems to work the best. As it should it's super duper concentrated and the price reflects it

Kathy said...

Thanks for the review. I had coupons for this too, but since it is more expensive, I hadn't bought any.