Friday, February 5, 2016

Planning ahead: medical stuff


While not my arm, this is exactly how my shoulder fracture was repaired. For months, my orthopedist has been talking about removing it. I had been adament not to, my main reason being that since that fall, I've been working with several other specialists in being proactive to reduce or eliminate issues that have impacted my bones. Removing 11 screws would leave 11 holes in my bone. : (

A very compliant patient, I have continued PT for that shoulder/arm. Besides an ulnar nerve complication, which has significantly but not completely healed, I have had a fairly smooth recovery, yet was left with diffficulty holding my arm straight over my head. I could live with that.

Recently, I have developed significant, clicking in that same shoulder. PT advised me to call my orthopedist, which I did the next day, and he asked me to go see him as soon as I could after work, which I did. Xrays confim that the hardware is not loose, which is what PT suspected. Disconcerning, however, is the clicking with any movement. Orthopedist is concerned about my rotator cuff, explaining that the plate may be impeding it. I also have had some pain-he's amazed that I am not asking for narcotics. Part of having a high pain tolerance is that when something hurts, I know that I need to pay attention to it.

While not an emergency, as the orthopedist put it, the plate needs to come out soon, he will check the status of my rotator cuff, make any necessary repairs. We also discussed a nerve release at the same time. So, having looked at my calendar, considering that he is telling me 10 days off of work, I plan on completing the current term, then getting the surgery at the end of March, taking advantage of the upcoming April break off of work. This is the last thing I wish to do, but I am also considering my upcoming move, and that effective Sept 1, there are more changes in my medical insurance which will translate into more out of pocket costs. For now, my surgery and associated costs will not incur any expense on my part, as we have hit our deductible.

I return to the orthopedist in a few weeks, definite plans will be made at that time, work notified. It is what it is.

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meme said...

My thoughts are with you -- -- I know it was not your exact xray - but similar -- and it looks painful - I am sorry you have to deal with this.