Sunday, February 28, 2016

Planning ahead: April menus


More important than ever that I continue to menu plan:

-upcoming surgery means that we need easy prep meals, but need to also draw from supplies on hand
-monies not spent on groceries (we are continuing with $200/mo)are allocated towards the expenses of the upcoming move, paying off medical debt
-the impending move also means that I plan (at least for now) to sell my freezer; it needs to be emptied

Here are my April menus:

1-dinner for 2: fzn small Shepardess pie; green salad
2-tuna salad sandwiches
3-marinated w/ teriyaki, baked chicken thighs (fzn);  rice, fzn wax/gr bean blend
4-baked fzn Haddock fillets w/ lemon & tarragon, fzn mixed veg, buttered noodles w/ garlic & parsley
5-ground chicken burgers (fzn raw), on buns w/ choice of condiments, baked beans, salad
7-CP: pork chops in golden mushroom soup, egg noodles, fzn green beans
9-homemade poultry (fzn) broth and noodle based soup
10-turkey roulades (use fzn cutlets, fzn stuffing, cream ck soup), fzn Prince Edward veggies
11- salmon patties (use canned pink), rice, fzn corn
12-CP fzn homemade meatballs in homemade sauce, over pasta, salad
14-sloppy joes using fzn beef & canned sauce, fzn sugar snaps, salad
15-homemade (?) pizza, salad
16-fzn florentine lasagna, salad
17-CP beef pot roast (fzn) using golden mushroom soup, mashed potatoes, fzn corn
18-tuna casserole using cr mush soup, salad
19-planned over: beef stroganoff , canned beets
21-baked chicken drums, baked potatoe wedges with Rosemary and EVOO, fzn gr beans
23-birthday celebration TBD
24-roast (fzn) hotel style turkey breast, dressing-homemade, homemade gravy, mix of canned gr & wax beans
25-baked (fzn) salmon fillets with dill, rice, fzn peas w/ creamed onions
26-planned overs: make 3 bean salad w/ l/o mixed beans from Sun; ground pork (fzn) burgers on buns, carrots
28-franks (fzn), baked beans (fzn homemade)
30-egg salad sandwiches

Still have plenty of ingredients for snacks, desserts as well.

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