Saturday, February 13, 2016

Planning ahead, and keeping warm in the process

 Planning ahead for Sunday supper this weekend, I've pulled the last turkey out of the garage freezer. I don't recall, but I think * I paid somethink like 46 cents/lb around Thanksgiving. It will defrost today, and I'll oven roast it in my Grandmother's circa 1950 GE oven roaster.  I've also grabbed some pantry items: 2 cans of evaporated ,mlk, my last can of squash and a can of pumpkin (still got plenty of that). Today, I have some laundry, usual cleaning but the monthly maid service is coming Monday, so just usual maintenance for me. Besides chores, I do have to hit the grocery store for some needs, sticking to my reduced budget this month. It's a bitter 16 degress, yet feels like -5. Temps are to plummet today, so a quick jaunt it will be, I much prefer to be at home, get the wood stove going, which will help to dry some laundry at the same time. I also plan on baking 2 pumpkin/squash pies today, to accompany tomorrow's mini Thanksgiving type dinner. I am also intending on baking bread. Meals today are whatever is on hand. I am having OJ, coffee and whole grain cream of wheat for bfst. Lunch and dinner are a choice of leftovers.
Sides for tomorrow include stuffing, green beans, and I will make gravy.


meme said...

it is supposed to be bitter cold in my part of MA - later tonight into tomorrow the wind chill will go down to -30. My husband said the same thing about tomorrow's dinner - roasting a turkey.

CTMOM said...

Meme, I do monthly dinner menus well in advance, the roast turkey was decided upon a long time ago! Just lucky as tomrrow will be a perfect day, weather wise, to do so. Stay warm, winds here in SW CT are starting to pick up and howl.

Kathy said...

Sounds delicious!
Really cold and windy here, so I may fix some chili tonight. Hoping we don' lose electricity with all the wind and ice forecast tomorrow.
Stay safe and warm.