Monday, February 8, 2016

Planning ahead and double duty

 While tonight's supper is cooking, I am also making tomorrow's supper as I know we will return home later on in the afternoon, not affording me enough time to cook this dish and then bake it off. I am making Frugal Queen's sausage hot pot. The large cast iron skillet contains the vegetables simmering away in a sauce, to the right is a deep casserole dish with the cooked sausages and in the bottom of my steamer assembly, one could find the sliced potatoes cooking away while the steam produced also prepared tonight's peas and carrots. I am calling this double duty energy conservation.
 Here's the assembled casserole, ready for tomorrow.
Although I just did a trash/recycling run on Sat, I already have a new bag full of recycling-evidence that we continue to use things up, as packaging gets recycled.

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