Monday, February 15, 2016

Not wasting a bit of my Lush soap

 I was gifted some Lush soap at Christmas. LOVE the soap (lots of moisturizing shea butter in it) but the design leaves a lot to be desired. It's called piece of cake and is rolled up, like a jelly roll. As a result, it quickly fell apart. So into the soap scrap bag it  went. Today is my monthly cleaning service appointment, and as usual, we are sure to straighten up ahead of their arrival. On weekends, I always check supplies around the house, restocking/replacing as needed. I came across more slivers of soap, so this morning found me making one of my soap cakes.

Here it is in a mini Tupperware container that I use as a mold.

Once removed, it will go to my shower, affording me at least 2 weeks of shower soap.


meme said...

besides being frugal - that new soap cake came out such a pretty shade of pink!

Anne in the kitchen said...

I love Lush products and I agree about not wasting it. I think they design them to break apart so they will have to be replaced quicker. Fortunately there is no Lush shop in town, so I don't have to worry about buying more.

CTMOM said...

Anne, I have only slurged a few times myself @ Lush, the bulk of my lush items are gifted to me. : )