Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My renewed efforts are showing!

 Last year at this time, we averaged 27 kwts electricity use, while this year, it's now 18 kwt.
Last month's bill was $122.66, I have renewed my efforts to conserve, and brought it down to $111.37. Now to shave that 11.37 off, and I will be even happier!

At the moment, the electric dryer is on (full HE load of towels), washer is on (full HE load in cold but our water is heated my an oil fed boiler, still there is some electric for the furnace), the 3 zones of heat (see note on furnace) are set to cooler upstairs until 11, when it drops to 55 at night, up to 65 a bit from 5-6:30 a.m then down again. Main part of the house is 65 until 11 pm, down to 60 @ night, Den is comparable. 2 on timer lights are on (CFLs) stove has one burner on (needed more hard boiled eggs), dishwasher is running a full load but will air dry and it heats the water if needed (boiler water is HOT though), 1 light (CFL) in kitchen, laptop (lower electric than desktop).

I've got this.


Belinda said...

Way to go!!

meme said...

that is a great reduction in a year! Congrats!

Theresa F said...

55 over night, brrrrr!!!!!!!!! And that is coming from a Canadian 😊.

Florence said...

Yea!! Shows what paying attention can do!

CTMOM said...

Theresa F-don't forget, I am 100% French Canadian, although officially American by birth. ; )
55 at night is chilly BUT, I wear flannel nighties, have flannel sheets, several blankets, a quilt/comforter, Toss in a cat who likes to snuggle under the covers-he's a mini hot water bottle, I am toasty, as are the kids.

Theresa F said...

Lol....guess I am a wimpy Ontario Anglophone :).