Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Making substitutions in cooking

Image: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-DcUS6L3zTT8/UKKUQiNfEfI/AAAAAAAAL04/E4_gFIPSFhY/s1600/cooking-ingredient-sub.png

Home from late afternoon appointments, I had to grate the Colby-Jack cheese to top tonight's chilli, and make a batch of cornbread.


As I am actively using items up, I knew that I'd have to make a substitution for buttermilk, using  milk + white vinger to do so. I also opted to substitute melted, solid "Crisco" shortening in lieu of my expensive, salt free butter (we've given up margarine). It was bakedoff now in the table top, convection oven.

 It hopefully came out ok,even if the taste is different (won't contain butter).


Anne in the kitchen said...

The cornbread should be fine. I am from the deep south and cornbread is a staple here. I have never in my life made it using butter, but will slather butter on it when it is hot out of the oven. There is a small codicil here though. In the south where cornbread is king it is not a sweet bread at all, in fact I have never put sugar in mine. One of my favorite lines about Southern cornbread comes from the movie The Accountant "One day your grandsons will be eatin' cornbread that's sweet and drinkin' tea that ain't

Lee Ann said...

Funny how I live in the South and don't eat a lot of the staple foods down here. Cornbread being one of them! LOL