Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Making soup out of nothing

 My inspiration for tonight's soup was this 1/2 qt of frozen chicken stock. Not enough, so I grabbed some bouillon.
 Additional inspiration was this bag of dried, Italian mushroom tortellini. I also grabbed this can of chick peas for protein.
 A cut 1/2 of an onion, the rest (5 or 6?) of the freebis baby carrrots, 2 additional carrots, the center branches with all those nice leaves from celery
 I had a cup of leftover mixed veggies, that I chopped
 I sauteed the mire poix in reserved bacon fat

Meanwhile, the chick peas were rinsed

 I mixed the homemade stock with water and 2 goya packets, grabbed a box of lower salt veggie stock
 I let the broths simmer with all of the cooked veggies, added black pepper, French tarragon, dried Parsley
I later added the tortellini and cooked it for 15 minutes. Delicious soup tonight! and some in my lunch tomorrow. : )


Lili said...

That looks really delicious, Carol!

Joyful said...

Yum! I love home made soup.

meme said...

that soup looks delicious - and to think you started with "just some broth"

mikemax said...

I love to make soup out of nothing!