Saturday, February 27, 2016

I've got a date


My surgical date is set for March 30th, a month out; at the end of the current term, and just before the next vacation break, allowing me to finish the current term and have a 3 week recovery period before returning to work.

 I am actively planning ahead:

Already done:
-E-mail work
-Mail surgical and medical leave letter to Human Resources
-Order and pick up narcotics
-Get PT script and schedule after surgery PT sessions
-Get Rehab center paperwork
-Make an appointment for another EMG
-schedule a follow up with the orthopedist after the EMG is done

To do:
 -fill out and submit Rehab paperwork
-lesson plan
-stock take and do April meal plans

I have 3 issues that the orthopedist needs to address, but we are thinking a "maybe" on the third. The hardware from last year's fall is being removed as well as what we are calling a cyst on the backside of my upper arm. I have ulnar nerve issues, this cyst may* be the reason for it.

The third procedure is to do a cubital tunnel release (aka "carpal tunnel of the elbow") The issues for a delay would be the cyst may be the culprit, I'd need to be repositioned during surgery after the hardware removal is completed, being under so long. I'm Ok with just doing the first 2 procedures and returning in June/July for the third, if it proves to be necessary.

 Having met my medical deductible, timing is important. Interestingly, the new surgical center remains not in plan with my insurance company BUT the MD's are. Previously, they waived the 20% out of network charges, accepting just what insurance paid. The MD's secretary said that they can do this again. I need to hear this from financial services department. I already have medical debt that I am paying off and if my remaining 12 PT visits prove to not be sufficient, I will once again have large bills.

Too many what ifs right now, so I am downsizing, remaining fluid.


Kathy said...

oh wow,I'm sorry. Do hope that the surgery and therapy helps and that you will have some relief soon.
Glad that you are getting things taken care of so that there are no surprises.
When I broke my ankle a few years ago, it was an emergency situation so I wasn't able to get anything taken care of ahead of time. Fought with insurance about the surgeon being in network, and that was finally resolved in my favor. But it turned out my physical therapy office was in network, but my therapist wasn't in network. grrr. I hate dealing with insurance.
Anyway I hope you have a great outcome.

Florence said...

Freezer meals. Stock up on toilet paper, tissues, hygiene products and other things you will need when driving is limited. Housecleaning service arrangements. Any child care arrangements or changes.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

You think of so many things ahead of time, but you have had more than your share of problems. My DD had a dental appt this week and called twice before hand to get their assurance that the panoramic x-rays would be covered (once every other year). After they were taken, she received notice that they would not be covered. She quickly informed them that she would not be paying for them either, since the insurance company had assured her just two days prior that they WOULD be covered. We will see how this ends up, but how much more could they expect from her? It's not her fault that the insurance company itself gives out the wrong information. Both she and her husband are disabled, their income is limited, and she cannot give them money she doesn't have. I am anxious to see how this all turns out.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

My sister had such relief from the elbow surgery---of course, if the cyst fixes it, so much the better. I need both wrist and elbow done bilaterally but I'm in no hurry to do it---although I do wake up every morning with my hand numb. It's a nuisance but not too much else.
If I had all the "optional" surgeries that have been suggested, it would take the rest of my life, I'm sure! Hope you sail through the recovery process!