Saturday, February 20, 2016

Addressing medical concerns


MRI Thurs on both hips; I return to the hip orthopedist to discuss the results. Apparently, there is a concern  of a possible tear. Yikes!

Annual Dermatologist appointment was Friday for a mole check, RX refill, discuss some more cosmetic issues (on hold at the moment due to medical debt), and wart removal. MD froze it, left me with instructions to apply Compound W for 3 days. Return if that doesn't work

So, I stopped in at a pharmacy and grabbed the above (we also needed more dental picks)

This is the end of my February "vacation" dealing with life, no real R n R, but it is what it is. With upcoming surgery (will return to shoulder/hand orthopedist on Tues), I know that the end of March will bring a "mini vacation" as I recover, intentionally planned to run into April break, should I need longer to recouperate.

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meme said...

I spend my days off from work that occur during the week - like this past President's Day to do deep cleaning, organizing, etc. Never a real "vacation" day!

I have my own private home daycare, run a preschool program and contract with the state - so the paperwork never seems to end that needs attention!