Saturday, February 20, 2016

Household goods on a budget

A local woman has been clearing out a home (hers? a relatives?) for selling. She's had all sorts of contents up for sale on a local Facebook site. She had listed some towels as sets, so I inquired if she'd just sell the bath towels, as that's what we need. She told me that she'll have a look around and see what she has. She unearthed 4 brand new with tags, 100% cotton, good sized green and blue towels (2 each)and asked me to make an offer. I suggested $15, she accepted. I picked them up today, she even threw in 2 91 each color) matching wash cloths. Nice.

I normally only buy cream/off white, especially as I am now a renter and plan on remaining one for the next few years. These towels are destined for the kid's bath. Several of our towels need to go, they are thin, thread bare, unraveling (and previously mended). Getting nice replacements at a bargain price works for me.

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

Great deal on the towels. I never seem to find anything suitable at the thrift stores in our town. I am using a couple sets that were free with grocery purchases a year or two ago, but they aren't really as nice as what I usually buy. Normally I buy new at Sam's Club IF they have a color I can work with. The bath towels are about $7 each as they have gone up again.

I just made a double batch of The Prudent Homemaker's granola this week--to use up odds and ends of nuts and dried fruit. I had to plump up the raisins and craisins for a while and then drain and dry off a bit in the still warm oven to make them edible!! I apparently don't need to buy the large canister of raisins since we are down to a household of two. I do use them a lot, but not before the large canister dries out. The nuts added were sliced almonds, chopped pecans, and the rest walnut pieces, since they had all been in house for some time and needed to be used. I plan to continue making the granola after this batch is gone. I used to make a more complex one for DH in the 70's with soy grits and wheat germ, and I don't remember what all else, but just the oats with flavorings, nuts and fruit is quite good! And frugal! We both add it to other cereal 6 mornings a week, and it's good for lowering cholesterol, which is a problem for me.

Your health is NOT co-operating. What are you doing to your bones, and ligaments?? I have osteoarthritis and just stopped using one of my pain pills during the daytime because it makes me too sleepy. Not using it just adds PAIN. There are no good answers to arthritis, in my opinion! Hope you have no NEW tears!!