Monday, February 15, 2016

Getting my monies worth

My last, cheap whole turkey was roasted for supper last night, serving 4. Immediately afterwards, I removed the uncut breast off of the carcass, wrapped it and froze it for future lunch meat. The rest of the carcass was picked clean, the bones, skin, neck, remaining pan drippings (I had used 3 cups to prepare the dressing and gravy) were all added to a large Crock pot, to which I added additional water. This simmered overnight.

This morning, I strained the contents and once again went through the bones. I am always amazed at how much "scrap meat" I encounter. Pictured are 2 containers of meat that I will use tomorrow for a batch of crockpot chilli. More meat is still refrigerated for upcoming meals, lunches and I have some gravy for a hot, open faced turkey sandwich for my lunch today.

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