Sunday, February 28, 2016

Fish on Friday: tried something new

After my appointment on Fri, I popped into Aldi's for a small top up, grabbing a box of frozen, beer battered fish fillets, thinking that this was a cheaper option that stopping at the fish and chip take out in the city. My plate was awfully beige, even with the addition of condiments and a green salad. It was just OK. I am not used to, not am I supposed to have a lot of salt which is what processed foods are full of.


Kathy said...

I've done those beige meals before, so it cracked me up when you said that. :D
Looks yummy anyway.

carol pavlik said...

First time Aldis had something that was not satisfactory. Whole milk had a strange grapefruit like after taste. Not spoiled but strange.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

Limiting salt does limit "take out" "eating out" and "convenience foods" in a big way! I've been low salt for 46 years now--as much as is practical. Which changes from one day to the next, honestly, depending on how short of time and energy I am at the moment. I feel better without so much salt. Salty things don't taste good to me for the most part. It's quite an adjustment. It's easier these days, though, because there are actually some lower sodium products available--but not nearly LOW enough. I did used to buy low salt bread but it was so expensive and a nuisance to find, so mostly I don't eat a lot of bread these days--I make my own but I don't have a low salt recipe. Most people who are told to eat low salt are not terribly salt-sensitive anyhow---doctors forget to test that out. I have made my accomodations and I try not to worry about it when I do eat a lot of salt--although I don't do it often, as my feet will swell, my waist will be bigger and I will just feel fat and uncomfortable until I can wash the salt out of my body. I try to drink a lot of water too. It's best to just eat at home most of the time, and I use a lot of Penzey's no salt spice blends to flavor my foods, too. Everyone knows my food isn't salted-- you add your own salt at the table or just assume I 'm a lousy cook!!