Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I fired my accountant


I had used the same CPA firm for many years, continuing to do so, post divorce. Tax filings were complicated, returns had to be amended. Fees charged seemed appropriate.

Fast forward to my 2014 return, for which I had submitted my paperwork to an associate in the firm really early (I am asked to fill out a worksheet, provide some documentation)who appears to do nothing more than type the figures into the computer, print out the returns and have the head CPA/owner "sign off" on them. It took them months to complete my returns. I wasn't happy with  that at all; never did get any explanation for the delay.

Once they were done, they mailed my documents back along with a copy of my returns; I blanched at the enclosed bill for services. I e-mailed the associate and questioned why, yet again, the fees are up, yet 2014 was a very,  very imple return.  She wrote back, advising that the CPA owner was deducting $25 as a courtesy. @@ They lost my business.

It's tax time again, and after getting some recommendations, I have an appointment this weekend with a local CPA. We spoke on the phone today. Her guestimation is that the return she prepares would be approx. 1/3 of what I had been charged last year.


Carol Farley said...

Have you considered using Turbo Tax? Very easy to use and the software goes over almost every item individuals or families would need to file. Federal tax return can be efiled for free and state has a small charge to do the same. CPAs are very expensive even for the most simple of returns and in my opinion are necessary only when filing complicated returns. Just my opinion, though.

Crystal Hankey said...

Yep, never stay where you're not getting good service and paying way too much for them to do that to you. We changed car insurance last year and after looking around got a small firm who saved us 600.00 a year! And we got better coverage with more perks and awesome customer service. Our final straw was when we got hit by another car and our insurance co. who we'd been with for 15 years did very little and treated us badly. No more putting up with that nonsense. Take care.

CTMOM said...

Carol, thanks for your comments. Without going into specifics, my tax returns may* get complicated, starting with the 2016 filing. Best to already have someone on board with me, who also can offer financial planning.