Saturday, February 13, 2016

February's reduced grocery shopping


-Jan 30th found me and DD topping a few needs up, $69.35 spent towards Feb. After just a few item stops sinnce the(milk, eggs), today was another, larger top up.
-2/6 whole foods yogurt , 1/2 & 1/2 $5.78
-2/9 2 gallons milk $6.88

-2/13 Stop & Shop: marked down store bakery Portugese rolls, wedge domestic Parmesan, lb no salt butter, tub ice cream, 2 ea of fzn peas/corn/mixed veg; 4 boxes tissues, large jar grated Parmesan, 5 cans albacore, bottle shower gel *(to use as pump soap refills-paid 17 cents plus tax due to doubled cpn), tub organic salad greens, 1 lb strawberries, 2 bunches organic rainbow chard. $34.63

-2/13 Aldi: cuties mandarins, trash bags, 2 doz eggs @ $1.61, 10 lbs potatoes. qt 1/2 & 1/2, 3 lbs sweet potatoes, bag navel oranges, 2 gallons milk, 1 bottle each: apple/splash/ruby red juices; 3 boxes mac n cheese, 2 lbs carrots, celery, swabs, parsley, 1 brownie mix, 2 cold cereal, 3 lbs apples, 2 pkgs batteries, 1 can pineapple, 2 cans corn (yay! no salt), 8 oz block of sharp Cheddar & colby Jack, bananas, Rye bread. $56.22

-2/13 CVS:1 bottle Arm & Hammer detergent @ 99 cents after sale plus cpn, 2 pkgs sugar free cough drops, 2 boxes lotion tissues. $5.18

Spent a total of @182.62, I have $17.38 until the end of the month. I'm calling it milk money.


mikemax said...

What!????? No crash and burn this week? I can't believe the markdowns you find in the grocery store. The markdown basket where I shop usually includes discontinued colors of hair dye and packages of Raid, and not much in between. This week, though, they were clearancing the big cans of pumpkin puree for .50 each! Twenty-five cents a pie! I see pumpkin pie in our future. Everything else in the basket was basically non-edible. I also found a gallon of milk with 7 days to go for .99.

CTMOM said...

Max, the store bakery Portugese rolls were marked down so they count as crash n burn. : ) Awesome deal on pumpkin. Don't forget waffles, pancakes, loaf bread, muffins, cookies.

mikemax said...

I usually only use a small can of pumpkin at a time. In the past, when I've gotten a deal on the big cans, I've frozen the other half of the can. I'll probably be doing that this time, too. Works great.