Sunday, February 21, 2016

Cooking changes and challenges

The plan was to use these lone, 2 beef hot  dogs (signs of when college boy lived here)from the freezer as sausage pennies in a lentil soup. We have quite a bit of leftovers that I am pushing. Some l/o baked beans and these 2 hot dogs, plus an opened pkg with 4 hot dogs became the inspiration for frank n beans, plus fzn tater tots for 3 of us last night. DD and her visiting BF prepared their own food here.

Sunday supper is off this week as well-again C.O.R.N. is the theme of the day. I want my refrigerator back! It's back to work for me tomorrow, so today will find me working on grading, lesson plans etc.
A sign of my efforts are yet more, empty Mason jars, an empty egg carton (I gift the egg cartons to my egg farmer). I moved more Mason jars out of my double door, metal cabinet and onto the cellar pantry shelves. I am trying to keep better track of what we have, what needs to be used up. I am at the stage of replenishing, but not replacing with a backup such as what happened with the brown sugar.  I grabbed the last back up bag, refilled the almost empty storage jar. I will not buy more brown sugar unless I run out.  Aldi's is my go to store, especially as Xpect has closed. They will be my storage center as I reduce what we have and thinking ahead, knowing that most likely our next housing situation will have less storage capacity.


allthatjunkinmytrunk said...

Hi! I love following your menus -- you use things up so creatively. I wondered what C.O.R.N. means? I've seen it on several posts but can't quite figure it out! :)

CTMOM said...

Hi Allthat junk

CORN=Clean Out Right Now meaning we're eating down leftovers before they will have to be tossed.

allthatjunkinmytrunk said...

Thanks! I knew generally what you meant when you used that acronym, but I couldn't figure out the exact words and it was making me a little crazy. ~Laura

Lee Ann said...

You do a great job of using ingredients in new ways to avoid waste.