Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bread woes

My bread buying funds are limited; I only bought a pkg of 6 Portugese rolls (marked down) and a loaf of Jewish seeded Rye. I mixed up a batch of honey-wheat dough in my ABM, it didn't rise  well, so it's drying out for bread crumbs.

 I mixed up a batch of white bread dough in the ABM-again a poor rise, so I used the mini convection oven as a proofing oven. Better results (see above). Tastes great, I am having toast this morning.

Bread makers: is it the ABM (temp didn't seem all that hot) or the yeast (kept in a well sealed jar) or both?

I will try again today. Thoughts?


CT Bargain Mom said...

Google how to test yeast. It may be on the way out. What about testing the abm temp?

Beckywhinery said...

I store my yeast in the frig. It's been outdated for a long time. Makes a good loaf just not a high rise.

mikemax said...

I have been using the same one-pound package of yeast from Costco for about 15 years. I keep it in an old mayonnaise jar in the freezer.