Monday, February 22, 2016

Back to the hip orthopedist


Last week's MRI compared to one done in 2013 shows no change-great. Why am I in such pain (I am "blessed" with a high pain tolernce) DX: hip tendonitis. Another shot, using a cane.

MRI also revealed an ovarian cyst-great, have to follow up with the gyno, luckily, I am symptom free (had one years ago).

I asked about my knees-it kills me to walk up stairs. Xrays taken-knees look great,; DX bilateral knee tendonitis.

Tomorrow, I see my hand/shoulder orthopedist, come up with a surgical plan.

Today, I feel like I am 100 years old.


janie said...

Hi Carol,

Has anyone checked your vitamin D and calcium levels recently? Low levels can cause pain.

Hope you get to the bottom of your pain.


CTMOM said...

Janie, an accute vit D deficiency was unearthed as well as a high level of calcium in my urine last Spring. I have had repeated (4?) blood and 24 hour urine tests since then, another one (both tests) awaits me at the beginning of May. I am on top of both! Thanks! : )

Theresa F said...

I have dealt with severe wrist tendonitis for the last 5 years. It can be excruciating. I cannot imagine having it in my hips or knees. I really feel for you.

Florence said...

Will ibuprofen help with the tendinitis?

Ms. Sandie said...

So sorry. I deal with chronic pain as well, and what they have found via CTSCAN/ultrasound though problematic the MDs feel is not contributing to my pain levels. Pain meds do not help I do not want to go the narcotic route so some days I suffer and my energy level is the price. Hardest part for me is the pain is exhausting yet sleep does not help I actually wake up in more pain every morning. New high quality mattress changing pillows doing stretches nothing seems to help. Very frustrating. I hope you feel better soon

Kathy said...

I am so sorry. Do hope the shot helps relieve some of the pain in your hips and knees.

CTMOM said...

Florence, due to a RX, I can no longer take Advil. Stinks.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

I have had multiple bouts of tendonitis and it REALLY hurts!! Mine has also taken as long as two years to improve in certain locations. It's very discouraging. Yoga has helped keep me flexible without straining too much. Pain pills don't seem to help much either. Treating your body as gently as possible is the best solution I have come up with. It isn't much. And I keep forgetting and over-reaching.