Monday, February 1, 2016

A new month, but still LOTS of food on hand

 This is my food storage as of Jan 31: cellar pantry (very little is stored in the kitchen)
 Bottom of cellar pantry
Metal storage cabinet

 boxes and flats of canned tomatoes, salsa
 garage freezer
 inside door of grage freezer
inside fridge door: mostly condiments

kitchen fridge freezer

We continue to eat this down, placing monies not spent towards medical debt and upcoming moving expenses


Hawaii Planner said...

you have a great stockpile of food! We have much less. We moved a few years back & it was really difficult to get through all of the food. Now we have a smaller pantry, and I try not to keep it quite so stocked. I'm not as good as you about remembering to use everything up before I have to toss it. :-)

Lee Ann said...

That's quite a pantry.

Linda said...

Oh my that's enough food to feed an army bu I guess feeding three kids is like feeding an army. Good for you.

Belinda said...

Having food in storage like that is like having money in the bank. Wonderful, even though you will be eating it down until your move this summer, still terrific to have on hand. :)

meme said...

That is a wonderfully stocked pantry!! I can really understand now about you wanting to "eat down" what you have and not have to move it with you.....I would want to do the same thing.