Sunday, January 10, 2016

Working the budget


For a while now, I've been tweaking the household budget, cutting where I can. My monthly cut/color salon appointment was this past Monday, when I learned that the prices had gone up, effective Jan 1. The stylist I've used for decades had fotgotten to tell me, so she immediatey appolgized, stating that the old price for just this month for me was OK, new price will be in effect for Feb. The increase is $15, equally what I used to give her as a tip. Compared to what most salons charge, this remains affordable. Just not happy about the increase.


TrayceeBee said...

That is still a HUGE jump in pricing! I have to figure out what I am going to start doing about my hair as well - I haven't had it professionally cut or dyed in about seven months now! I used to go every 8 weeks or so but have eliminated this as things have gotten tighter budget wise. For now, my husband has been cutting my bangs and I may try a boxed hair dye because the streaks of grey in my long hair isn't very attractive. LOL The salon I went to was considered one of the higher end ones in my town but I loved my stylist. Once the budget loosens a tad, I may do a little research into my other local choices.
Glad she at least gave you last year's pricing this time around though. =)

Lili said...

Ouch! Good luck figuring how to make this work.
Carol, I know you have some mobility issues with your hands/shoulders. Do you have the ability, now, to use your arm and hands to do something like use a drugstore root touch-up, between salon appointments? And then stretch your cut and color out by 2 additional weeks, or more. A girlfriend has her hair pro colored, but uses a boxed, root touch-up at home in between.

TrayceeBee, I've been doing a boxed, demi-permanent color for about 2 solid years, now. It fades gently over about 5 weeks. My hair is below shoulder-length, and I find it doable. Longer hair might be more of an effort, though. My guess is I am about 10-20% gray. I have a bath towel dedicated to use as my shoulder cape, to prevent staining clothing. I safety pin it on. I move rugs out of the way before applying color, as it can drip. I stock up on boxes of color when on sale at the drugstore, or through Amazon or, depending on where the best deal is. The cost to use a boxed color averages about $5-$6 per month, for me. So far, this has been working well for me.

CTMOM said...

Lilli, I may need to start stretching between appointments. My roots and hair grow so fast. An easy solution is to take some of my gas money for the month. I budget $100, but assuming 4 weeks, I've been well under $20/week so reducing my gas to $85 will work.