Saturday, January 30, 2016

What's been cooking?

 Monday became a clean out night: kids finished some leftover soup, I made a large salad, topped with l/o mixed gr/wax beans
 my protein was the l/o cup of baked beans
Tuesday, I grabbed a jar of apple sauce out of the freezer for lunches, and some fzn, grnd meats
 more istant potatoes
 peaches were for breakfast (last can), cherry pie filling was used Sunday, the cream corn and onion was for Tuesday's dish
 French-Canadian pate chinois.  Wed found DD and I havin this as planned overs
 I prepped ahead Wed night for Thurs's crock pot meal: 2 frozen, l/o pieces of pot roast
 2 containers of the leftover, blended pork-beef with onions and mushrooms gravy that I served on Sunday

 Stew veg: leeks, potatoes, carrots, celery, the rest of the Butternut, a can of mushrroms
Here's the prepared stew, to be turned on early Thursday morning before I leave for work.

This is what I came home to: I transfered the stew into a large Crorning ware casserole, added a corn starch slurry to the crock pot, and thickened the gravy before folding it gently over/into the cooked stew.

Fri night was a planned treat: take out pizza and a salad w/ DD.


Meg B. said...

Looks delicious. I have challenged myself to not cook with boneless skinless chicken breasts until spring, as my family has grown very weary of them. I'd been getting them from Zaycon, and falling back on them all too often. So, I will be shamelessly popping in here to see what you have up your sleeve, and lifting ideas.

Belinda said...

Looks delicious, especially the stew. :)

meme said...

that beef stew looked wonderful !!!

we are cooking a beef roast today - roasting it with lots of vegetables....I cant wait for dinner !!