Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What's been cooking?

 5 a.m. Tuesday morning found me brownig off this lb of ground beef. I kept an eye on it while I went about my usual routine: emptying the dish washer, making bfst and to go lunches and coffee.
 I added the cooked meat to the awaiting crock pot, filled with all additional ingredients. This really went smoothly for me.
 A baggie of frozen, mixed Cheddar and Munster cheeses was called into service. We have used up all of the bars of Jack, Colby-Jack and "cheap" Cheddar. I am reserving my good, NY state sharp Cheddar for snacking.
 Deli ends that I paid $2.99/lb for.

I came home to this.
 I made a single batch (I usually double the recipe) of my corn bread, baking it off in the convection, counter top mini oven.
WEd: dinner with DAd, so an opportunity to eat any leftovers. I split the l/o chilli with DD, grabbed one of the 2 remaining pieces of corn bread, made a simple salad plate of organic Romaine, sliced some freebie "baby carrots" into pennies, sliced some grape tomatoes in half,  topped it with some of the l/o German herbed cornichons from the holidays, drizzled the remnants of the citrus-onion dressing pouch from work. Several items I shouldn't be eating; we're using them up.


BlogReader said...

Do you make breakfast and sack lunches for all? Do you ever worry the children may not have the skills or be used to the responsibility when they move out?

CTMOM said...

Breakfast during the week is YOYO, but I have prepared items like muffins, bread, pancakes in advance over the weekend. I prep bfst on the weekend-extra nice one on Sundays. Lunch is my ownand special needs boy's during the week. Yes, kids have some basic skills (special needs kid needs supervision however)