Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What a difference!

It may be a bit hard to read, but here's the latest electric bill. Note that a really hectic work/after work schedule has translated to heavy electric dryer use (something I hope to reduce). 6 people here last year used an average of 30 kWh/day while this year, we're at 19 kWh. DS's GF was notorious for leaving lights on all day. I suspected dryer use that I wasn't reimbursed for. Figures don't lie.
$122.66. I'd like to get that down to $100.


TrayceeBee said...

Carol, that is still an AMAZINGLY cheap electric bill! I don't know how you manage it, seriously! My bill is stuck right around $250 (I'm in CT too) and I just can't get it down. Great job!!!

meme said...

That is awful when you open your home to people and they disrespect the home like that -- grown ups know electricity is not free....

my former son in law was the same way. My daughter, son in law and two grandchildren lived with us because he would never pay the rent and utilities on time....we bought a bigger house to accommodate them (can't turn daughter and grandchildren in the street). anyway - he left lights on all night while we were sleeping, turned the heat way way up, left food out, would run the dryer on high heat for much longer than needed, drain the hot water --- the list goes on and on. Thankfully now they are divorced -- and, like you - I saw a drop in the utilities after he left.....they are divorced, but he continues to be a pain in the rump !

CT Bargain Mom said...

WowSza! That's a big difference!! I'm with TraceeBee. We are getting hosed by Eversource - but that's CT for ya.

CTMOM said...

Traycee- some thoughts:
-new, energy efficient appliances
-only run full d/w, washer
-limited (until recently) electric dryer use
-use of small appliances oven the oven
-cfl's in 95% of the lights (not dining chandelier or ceiling lights in garage)
-limit use of lights to rooms being used. Exception: 2 on timer lights -one in dining room, one in den
-3 zone heat, so while it is an oil furnance, the programable thermostats reduce the time the furnace runs

TrayceeBee said...


Thanks. And now I can see partially why you are able to keep your costs so low! But, I still am quite sure that a LOT of your savings comes from your ingenuity!
We have mostly newer appliances - we just got rid of our archaic family room television for a smallish flat screen that is supposed to be energy efficient. We will see.
We have mostly CFL's too (except dining room chandelier) and have been trying to slowly switch these over to LED (when I find them on sale or get them free).
I cook a lot and use the oven for most of it. (Although I have been trying to use it for double duty like I have read on your blog) I am contemplating looking for a toaster over/table top convection but haven't as of yet.
Our windows are original to the house (built in 1979) and woefully need to be replaced. This isn't viable right now but on our list of things in the not too distance future.

Anyway, I have to tell you...I have been reading your blog for a very long time and honestly you are such an inspiration with how you approach everything life throws your way. =)

CTMOM said...

Tracee, Get a convection toaster oven (yes costlier over a traditional toaster oven but it'll quickly pay for itself), and only use the range oven if you have multiple things baking at once. Talk to the girls. Electric hot water is $$. Offer a bath over a shower once a week as a relaxation treat). Timer for showers. I can shower and wash my longer hair in 5 minutes-8 if shaving. Offer 1/2 of monies saved to go towards something fun: a movie out? lunch at a favorite restaurant? towards a vacation? Have them buy into the idea that conservation is a win-win for all.

TrayceeBee said...

Thanks! I'll start keeping my eye out for one. And I love the idea of offering the money split! They are teenagers so money talks! LOL I will have to talk to my husband and come up with a great "incentive" before we present it to them! ;)