Friday, January 1, 2016

Use it up: down to the last sliver

 About once a week, I check on the supplies in the bathrooms, grabbing more out of the linen closet, if needed. This afternoon, I grabbed the 2 soap slivers I had been using at my bathroom sink, and added them to the other amassed since August (stored in a repurposed banana chip bag that is kept under the powder room sink).  I clearly had plenty now to make a soap cake, which took me all of 3 minutes of hands on time.
 A few hours later, I unmolded it. It's as tall as a stick of butter,
 about 1/2 as long/wide
and fits quite nicely in my hand. I now have this new cake in my shower, having placed my shower soap at the master bathroom sink.

This is a case where I am minding my pennies. I must make 3-4 large soap cakes a year. We tend to use Lush, Dove with shea butter and Europeen fine milled soaps. I easily spend $1-$2/bar of soap, so call this a $3-$8 savings. I really don't want to waste a bit of them!


Kathi D said...

I have tried to do that with my soap but it always crumbles. Is there a secret.
Kathi in Florida

CTMOM said...

I cut up the soap into diced size bits, place in a 1 cup, glass measuring cup. Microwave 30 seconds, stir well, repeat until you get a frothy, creamy liquid consistency. I think this took me 2 minutes total. Using a rubber spatula, transfer goop into a plastic tub, pressing down and smoothing out as you go (I use a cup size Tupperware container and let cool completely to solidify again (I am known to refrigerate to hasten the process). Use a paring knife, and run it all around the edges. Flip container upside down on counter and tap/bang it onto the counter and it should come right out. This is quick and easy. No crumbles, this is a solid soap cake.

Theresa F said...

Lush is crazy expensive so I would be using up every last sliver too.

meme said...

Awesome on the new soap cake ! And it looks really pretty too !