Saturday, January 30, 2016

Tweaking the cell phone bill


We have been on a long expired (as in time to renew) old Verizon bundled cell phone plan. I held out as long as I could, which turns out to be working in my favor.
When I divorced, naturally I removed DX off of the plan, I was down to 5 people.
 When DD was no longer in school, she took over her monthly cost, eventually moving to her own plan, with a Smart Phone-we were down to 4 people.
 DS # 1 had been paying his portion of the bundled bill, but despite several recent conversations with him, he has grown lax about reimbursement. My new plan is effective in a week, at which time, he will be removed from the bundle, bringing the plan down to 3 people. I've alerted him that he needs to get his own phone line by 2/6/16 if he wants to keep his number, and in order to handle service.
I have resources to cover one of the 2 DS's phone costs, so my bill will be for 2, until such a time as the remaining DS is no longer in school.

I upgraded 3 phones: one Smart Phone and 2 "dumb phones" as I like to call them. I was able to use a special Promo that was sent to me, saving $300 on the total cost of the 3 phones. My phone will cost me $5.83/month in "rental" fees, one kidlet's will be $0.33 cents/month. The third phone (which I am reimbursed for) is $21.83/month.

Since these upgrades are pending, I need to await the fina l billing notification including all taxes and fees. I know that I shaved some significant $ off of my bill, and will now have Smart Phone technology-just have to learn to use it.


Baroness Prudent Spending said...

Oh very well done!!! I added a phone line and took advantage of a almost-free tablet offer last month (Android tablet for $1 plus service costs). Unfortunately, the first month's bill (received in January) included a lot of "service charge" expenses. Going forward my bill will be okay but I was certainly surprised since I did not read about those expenses nor did they mention them (although I *should* have remembered them from a few years back!).

Kathy said...

Great savings on your cell phone bill!
My dh gave me a smart phone for Christmas. It is nice, but I don't think I will ever be one of those people who is constantly texting/brouwsing. I had a dumb phone for years; it did what I needed, made calls and texts, so I was fine with that.

thyme2save said...

Back to the old days of WTG! Happy for you and your budget. Year+ ago, we lost free business cell service. Kiddos added 2 cells to their family plan for which we pay $300 annually.

Service includes unlimited talking and texting in US continent, which is all we need. Is $300 annually a good price for 2 cells with our service? Kiddos know, but I do not.

meme said...

I think I am the only person on the plant without a cell phone!! Just have my landline - but I work from home. (my husband has a cell phone I can take to the grocery store, etc in case of car emergency)