Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sunday supper: turning to frozen assets

 Here's my last package of turkey breast cutlets from the freezer.

 I am out of poultry gravy in the freezer, so will use one of the 2 lurking cans of cr chicken soup as a substitute. I mixed 1/2 a can's worth of milk with the cr ck soup, also adding black pepepr, French tarragon

Canned green and waxed beans will be drained and mixed together for the veggie side dish.
2 small tubs of frozen stuffing will be used to make turkey roulades. *Ended up only needing one, so back to the freezer the second one went.

 Ready for the table top, convection oven
 Now baked

Easy, gets stuff out of the freezer and pantry. This is my supper plate. I also had a salad of Romaine with grape tomatoes, using some of the dressing pouch I got at work (a citrus-sweet onion creamy one-yummy! but I am sure, loaded in salt)


CT Bargain Mom said...

If you want to save your cream soups, I've made gravy from a dab of butter & flour roux and can of chicken broth and generous shake of poultry seasoning....

CTMOM said...

CTbargain, thanks for the suggestion. I normally make gravy from scratch, and discovered that every tub of fzn gravy leftovers is either pork or beef-a no go. I'll use the cr ck soup. I suspect it entered the home with DS #1, it's not something I normally would buy. Eating down the pantry to save $ and reduce what we'll be moving.