Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday breakfast

 This week's Sunday  breakfast: homemade, buttermilk waffles. I used up the buttermilk, combining it with a batch of instant milk to equal what was needed for a double batch of the recipe; used up the homemade "Bisquick"-time to make more.
 I also added some vanilla to the buttermilk-milk mixture.
 I used a vintage, GE waffle iron
No need for Teflon, this is seasoned non stick!  I also served the last of the OJ, hazelnut coffee/tea, scrambled eggs. Extra waffles for school morning bfst for the kids.


TrayceeBee said...

Yuummmmy! Homemade waffles! I miss my wafflemaker so much - it shorted out a few years ago. I have been hinting for a new one ever since! Maybe I need to just hint harder! LOL Nice job using up stuff AND you are one step ahead in the weekday breakfast game! =)

Lili said...

What a cool waffle iron!! Looks 1940s. I love vintage kitchen stuff.

CTMOM said...

Yes, Bakelite and all. Dx rewired it when I acquired it about 30 years ago-cost me 16 cents at a local Mom & Pop hardware. My grandmother used it alot. Mom was born in 1938, so yes, the 40's.

Anne in the kitchen said...

What a shame you can't get appliances that last like they used to. My folks had to buy a new toaster a couple of years ago. Their wedding present only lasted 55 years!